Introduction to Social Sciences, 03.100

Library Archives Assignment Marking Scheme

October 27, 1997.



Your archives-research reports have been graded on three criteria: content, clarity of communication and language (i.e., writing). We have created this marking guide to facilitate feedback in terms of these evaluation criteria. For each of the three areas, we have indicated areas for improvement (if any) with an "X" next to the appropriate item. Comments are provided only where the items do not convey the meaning of the grade. In contrast to the summary of Moti Nissani's article, this writing task varied both in terms of individual content and organization. Consequently, content marks are based on the criteria set out in the assignment sheet (e.g., what evidence did you use), and clarity of communication is based largely on how coherently you expressed your ideas in the report. Please note that any spelling mistake, even one, resulted in a full mark deduction. Part marks were assigned for grammatical mistakes.


Please discuss any concerns or direct questions to our teaching assistant, Brian Devison. If you are not satisfied with the explanations given, contact either Shelagh or Tim to discuss your concerns or questions further.


You may rewrite the assignment based on the feedback provided. Revised work is due December 1, 1997 but not via email. Rewritten assignments are due at the class lecture. You must attach the original marking scheme to your revised draft. The final grade will be calculated by averaging the original grade to the grade assigned to the revised work.


Content (3 marks)


_____ Explanation for choice of topic missing.

_____ No explanation of what you found most interesting or surprising in the archive documents.

_____ No presentation of the kind of evidence you used (or was presented).

_____ Lacking discussion of the difficulties you had and how you resolved them.

_____ Conclusions for your investigation absent.

_____ No questions which were raised by your investigation presented.

_____ Other: ____________________________________________________________________



Organization (1 marks)


_____ Not in essay format (e.g., point form).

_____ No thesis statement, or organizing idea.

_____ Lacks coherence (i.e., reader unable to follow ideas).

_____ Paragraphing inappropriate.

_____ Inappropriate length: too short too long ______________________________________

_____ Other: ____________________________________________________________________


Language/Writing (1 mark)


_____ Spelling mistakes (as noted).

_____ Grammar errors (as noted).

_____ Other: ____________________________________________________________________



Total grade: _________


Overall comments: