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Introduction to Social Sciences, 03.100
WorldWide Web Assignment

Please complete the following questions and submit your answers via email to our teaching assistant. The questions are based on your reading of The Online Student.

The assignment is due November 10, 1997.

A. Define each of the following:

  1. Client
  2. Host
  3. Server
  4. HTTP
  5. HTML
  6. URL
  7. FTP
  8. ASCII file
  9. Telnet
  10. Gopher
  11. Text-based interface
  12. GUI
  13. Mosaic
  14. Netscape
  15. Pine
  16. SLIP
  17. PPP
  18. MUD and MOO
  19. Listserver

B. What is the difference between a text and binary file?
C. List five search engines.
D. What is the difference between a national backbone and a LAN?
E. Describe the structure of an email address.
F. Where can you find a glossary of social science data and computer terms?
G. Create your own home page as outlined in the "Instructions for Home Page Construction" web site for the course.

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