Administrative and Committee Work Related to Teaching

The following is a list and brief description of my participation in teaching-related committees.

BA Council - First-Year Seminar Course development 1997-1999

At the request of the Associate Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, I met with colleagues at other universities to explore the various programs that have been developed to help students with the transition to first year. The information from these discussions were summarized and reported to the Dean for his use in the renewal of our B.A. Program.

Teaching and Learning Scholar 1996-1998

I was appointed a Teaching and Learning Scholar at the Teaching and Learning Resource Centre (TLRC) at Carleton. The project I undertook while working with the TLRC was the development and implementation of a Certificate in University Teaching. Unfortunately, funding was cut to the TLRC for the Scholar position before we were able to complete our work on the program. At this time, we have developed and are currently offering a Seminar in University Teaching. The development of the Certificate program continues with a cross faculty program-development committee.

Certificate in University Teaching program development committee 1997-1999

After my position as a Teaching and Learning Scholar was complete, I have continued my involvement with the development of the Certificate in University Teaching as a committee member. We are currently developing the formal proposal for graduate studies.

Teaching and Learning Centre Departmental Contact 1998-1999

I serve as the liaison between the Department of Psychology and the Teaching and Learning Resource Centre, providing information to colleagues about program offerings and special events.

Teaching in the Electronic World Working Group 1997-1998

I was one of three faculty members appointed to this "working group." Over the course of 10 months, we wrote a report to the Vice President academic providing a rationale and recommendations for the use of technology for teaching. The report was submitted to the university administration in the spring of 1998, published to the broader university community in the summer, and aspects of the report are now being discussed and considered for long-term academic planning. I have continue my involvement in this discussion as part of a Joint Committee between the University Administration and our Academic Association.

Undergraduate Chair, Department of Psychology (pro tem.) Summer 1997

During the creation of the new first-year seminars at the departmental level, I served as the undergraduate chair in our department to facilitate this curriculum change. As an untenured faculty member at that time, I decided not to continue as the undergraduate chair so that I could maintain a focus on my research.

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