Carleton University

Teaching Excellence Award

Carleton University, 1996
Received for teaching Foundations of Developmental Psychology (49.250) on instructional television (itv)

Student Evaluations
Mean for item 13 on the Teaching Evaluation Questionnaire:
How do you evaluate the instructor? (5 point scale)

Course Name	               Course Number	           Mean Score
Developmental Psychology	  49.250T	              4.85
Social Psychology 	          49.210B	              4.62
Advanced English	          21.190E	              4.73	
Adolescent Psychology	          49.353A                     4.80
Introductory Psychology	          49.100A	              4.62

Mean of all items (1 - 12) on the Teaching Evaluation Questionnaire

Course Name	               Course Number	           Mean Score
Developmental Psychology          49.250T                     4.73
Social Psychology                 49.210B	              4.52	
Advanced English                  21.190E                     4.69
Adolescent Psychology             49.353A	              4.70
Introductory Psychology	          49.100A	              4.51

University of Ottawa

Mean of scores for the four items used in faculty evaluation (5 point scale).

Course Name	               Course Number	           Mean Score
Sociolinguistics                PED2164-1992	              4.89
Sociolinguistics                PED2164-1993	              4.93

**These courses were part of the in-service education of teachers in the Faculty of Education. Evaluations were completed by experienced teachers from a variety of levels and boards of education.

Public School Teaching

Evaluation by Ottawa Board of Education for teaching at Summit Alternative School: all aspects of teaching were evaluated as exceeding acceptable standards. The principal's comments began, "Tim Pychyl is a master educator. His knowledge and understanding of the learning process is exemplary." Copies of the complete teaching evaluation are available on request.

Evaluation of teaching during Practical Field Experiences, Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa.

Grade Level(s)	                   School	               Grade>
Junior kindergarten-Grade 7   MacSkimming Outdoor School	90%
Grades 7 & 8                  Hopewell Avenue Public School	95%
Grade 5                       John Young Elementary School	98%
Grades 11 & 13	              South Carleton High School	100%

All evaluations were graded: "Excellent quality of teaching; exceptional performance in all aspects of preparation, presentation and reinforcement."

Last updated September 23, 1996.
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