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The Procrastination Research Group

The Procrastination Research Group is composed of undergraduate and graduate psychology students at Carleton University working under the direction of Dr. Timothy A. Pychyl (with the collaboration of Dr. Joseph Ferrari).

The list below has been divided into three sections:

  1. Current Students
  2. Past Students
  3. Faculty
To contact these researchers click on their names below. (Note: E-mail addresses for past students may expire. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please email Dr. Pychyl if you are unable to contact a specific researcher of interest.)

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Current Students

Doctoral Candidates

    Allan Blunt

    Allan completed his M.A. thesis in January of 1998 entitled, "Task aversiveness and procrastination: A multi-dimensional approach to task aversiveness across stages of personal projects." This manuscript was published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences. Allan has also published research relating boredom, state orientation and procrastination in Personality and Individual Differences (see Research Bibliography for complete reference). He is continuing his research on procrastination in the doctoral program.

    Jianghe Niu

    Jianghe immigrated from China to Canada in the fall of 1999. She is completing her course work in the doctoral program. Her dissertation topic is yet to be determined.


M.A. Candidates

    Anita Heavenor

    Anita began her graduate studies during the spring term of 1999 with a annotated bibliography of the literature related to fear of failure. Anita plans to study the relationship between implementation intentions and procrastination further in her M.A. thesis.


Undergraduate Honours Candidates



A few of the Procrastination Research Group members share ideas with Dr. Joseph Ferrari
after his research colloquium, October 17, 1997, Carleton University.

Past Students

Using a quasi-experimental design, Kelly followed three groups of undergraduates (one treatment and two comparison groups) over 8 weeks of an academic term. She used Personal Project Analysis and measures of Subjective Well Being to examine how intervention may affect chronic academic procrastinators. She presented her preliminary analyses of her data at the 1998 CACUSS conference and CPA 1999. She successfully defended her M.A. thesis in September, 2000.


  • Dr. Timothy A. Pychyl
    Dr. Pychyl supervises the activities of the Procrastination Research Group at Carleton University. A faculty member of the Department of Psychology, he teaches a number of courses in psychology (e.g., First-Year Seminar, Developmental Psychology, Social Problems, Graduate Seminar in Social Psychology), as well as the university's Seminar in University Teaching. Dr. Pychyl has published research in the areas of procrastination, language testing, and teaching with technology (see Curriculum Vitae and Teaching Dossier).

  • Dr. Joseph R. Ferrari
    Dr. Ferrari is one of the leading researchers in the area of procrastination. A faculty member at DePaul University (Chicago, Illinois), he has published numerous journal articles about procrastination, and he is a co-author of Procrastination and Task Avoidance: Theory, Research and Treatment . A list of Dr. Ferrari's work can be found at our bibliography.

    Joe Ferrari and Tim Pychyl with members of the Procrastination Research Group, October 17, 1997.

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