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Roehampton University
London, UK, (2005)
(Pictures from the conference)

Ohio State
Ohio, USA (2003)
(Pictures from the conference)

University of Groningen
The Netherlands (2001)
(Pictures from the conference)

York University
Toronto, Canada (1999)
(Pictures from the conference)





Counseling the Procrastinator in Academic Settings

The aim of this conference series is to bring together counselors and researchers so that both groups can benefit from their perspectives on procrastination. The second bi-annual meeting was held this past summer (July 5-6, 2001) in Groningen, The Netherlands. Below are some pictures from the event (more to follow).

Henri Schouwenburg moderates the session delivered by Audur Gunnarsdottir, University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland.

Bruce Tuckman and Joseph Ferrari during coffee.

Clarry Lay, John Roodenburg and Joseph Ferrari in the foreground (Tim Pychyl, Jean O'Callaghan, University of Surrey, Roehampton, England; and Sian Williams, University of Sussex, Brighton, England in background).

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