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Our research group members are active in conferences annually presenting the results of research and learning with colleagues. Some of the more recent conferences are included below. (see Counseling Conferences as well)

American Psychological Association Annual Conference (APA), Chicago, August 22nd - 25th, 2002.

Tenth Biennial Meeting of ISSID, Edinburgh 2001, July 7-11, 2001 Procrastination Symposium

International Society for the Study of Individual Differences


Society for Personality and Social Psychology (Savannah, Georgia)
January 2002
Falling behind or feeling bad: The relative influence of students' trait procrastination and concerns regarding the self Melia-Gordon, M.L., Sirois, F.M., & Pychyl, T.A.
International Society for Quality of Life Research (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
November 2001

Wellness behaviors as an indicator of health-related quality of life


Quality of life in university students with chronic health problems: Coping and context

Melia-Gordon, M.L., Sirois, F.M., & Pychyl, T.A.

Sirois, F.M., Melia-Gordon, M.L., & Pychyl, T.A.

APA (SanFrancisco, California)

November 2001

Big-Five personality factors and coping styles: The importance of "fit" Melia-Gordon, M.L., Sirois, F.M., & Pychyl, T.A.
CPA (Ste. Foy, Quebec)
August 2001

Student procrastination: Coping with the stress of academic life


First-year university students' health, well-being, and academic performance: The role of coping

Melia-Gordon, M.L., Sirois, F.M., & Pychyl, T.A.

Sirois, F.M., Melia-Gordon, M.L., & Pychyl, T.A.

American Psychological Society (Toronto, Ontario)
  June   2001

Procrastinators' coping styles: Restraint in the face of demand


"I'll look at my health later": An investigation of procrastination and health

Melia-Gordon, M.L., Sirois, F.M., & Pychyl, T.A.

Sirois, F.M., Melia-Gordon, M.L., & Pychyl, T.A.

CPA (Ottawa, Ontario)
  June   2000

Confirmatory factor analyses of four current measures of procrastination


Exploring stress, coping and academic procrastination through a measure of salivary cortisol

Vestervelt, C., Pychyl, T.A. & Blunt.A.


Dunn, G., & Pychyl, T.A.

Seventh Workshop on Achievement and Task Motivation: An International Conference on Motivation (Leuven, Belgium)
May 2000
The cognitive-affective antecedents of avoidance achievement and academic procrastination. Zamanpour, H., & Pychyl, T.A.
Eastern Psychological Association (Baltimore, Maryland)
March 2000
The personal strivings of chronic procrastinators: Past, present and future Ferrari, J.R., Hammer, C.A., Gunderson, P.R., Blunt, A., & Pychyl, T.A.

Note: For other paper presentations, see Dr. Pychyl's curriculum vitae (pdf format).

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