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Papers From the Procrastination Research Group

In some cases, a copy of the student's work is provided. These have been converted from Word documents to html files (so they are quite simple in format). The copyright resides with the author, and you may not copy or otherwise reproduce any portion of these documents without written permission from the author.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS INCOMPLETE AT THE PRESENT TIME. ALTHOUGH THE STUDENT LIST IS COMPLETE, ONLY BRIEF TOPIC SUMMARIES ARE PROVIDED IN MOST CASES. For more information regarding students' projects, theses, conference presentations and papers, please contact Dr. Pychyl.

Joe Ferrari and Tim Pychyl

Joe Ferrari and Tim Pychyl with members of the Procrastination Research Group (October 17, 1997)

Ariel Rotblatt
PRG Research Assistant (2004-2005)

Doctoral Candidates

MA Candidates

Undergraduate Honours Candidates
Jennifer Cathcart (2004-2005)
Roshane Shamsi (2004-2005)
Sara Jappert (2004-2005)
Alison Moore (2004-2005)
Katie Perkins (2005-2006)
Kimberly Millar (2005-2006)
Melanie Oattes (2005-2006)
Nikolina Duvall-Antonacoupolulos
Shannon Bennett (2005-2006)
Shannon McCloskey (2005-2006)
Tania Morrison (2005-2006)

Past Students

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