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iProcrastinate Podcasts©

Welcome to our Podcasts for the Procrastination Research Group. These iProcrastinate Podcasts© feature Dr. Pychyl discussing why we procrastinate and what we can do about it. Of course, given the nature of our research group, the content for these short talks is based on the relevant research literature. Quick link to podcasts

To subscribe to this podcast enter the following URL in iTunes: feed://iprocrastinate.libsyn.com/rss

Although research based, the purpose of these Podcasts is to provide a less technical summary of important findings. So, these Podcasts integrate information from various research papers to communicate key ideas about why we procrastinate and what we can do to reduce this needless, self-defeating delay.

For some Podcasts, Dr. Pychyl interviews his students who have developed expertise in a particular area. When possible, Dr. Pychyl will also involve his colleagues, particularly when Podcasts are made in conjunction with conferences throughout the year. The schedule of podcasts will vary throughout the year, but our aim is to produce them regularly.

We hope you find these useful for your own research or just plain "soul searching" related to procrastination. Feel free to make comments using the link at the bottom of this page or by contributing to the blog on our iProcrastinate Podcast Web page.

You can listen to these Podcasts as a live stream directly off of the Web page or you can subscribe to the Podcasts and listen to these using iTunes. If you don't have iTunes, you can get this as a free download in order to play these Podcasts at: www.apple.com/iTunes (Note: To subscribe to this podcast enter the following URL in iTunes: feed://iprocrastinate.libsyn.com/rss)

Finally, below is the description of the Podcasts as presented on iTunes. This provides a more detailed account of what to expect from this series.

Photo of Tim Pychyl

Dr. Timothy A. Pychyl

Dr. Timothy A. Pychyl, associate professor of psychology and director of the Procrastination Research Group (Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada), provides a series of short talks, interviews and question/answer podcasts that explain why we procrastinate and what we can do about it.

An award winning educator, Dr. Pychyl challenges his listeners to explore their daily choices to act or postpone acting on their intentions. Do we head to the gym as intended, or slouch back on the couch thinking "I'll feel more like a workout tomorrow"? Do we tackle the task now, or do we avoid it arguing to ourselves that "I work better under pressure"? From losing 10 pounds to changing personal habits, Pychyl, a personality psychologist, focuses on the breakdown of intentional action - a problem commonly called procrastination.

This series expands on three main themes: 1) irrational delay that sabotages personal productivity, 2) personality attributes that contribute to self-defeating behaviours, and 3) situational factors that undermine our ability to take or sustain action. Drawing on the research literature, topics include: self-handicapping, anxiety, self-regulation, perfectionism, will power, coping styles, effects on health and well-being, impulsivity, temporal discounting, motivation and even purpose in life.

Of course, Dr. Pychyl doesn’t leave his listeners with the problem itself. Once these key factors have been established, he turns his attention to techniques that facilitate self change, habit-breaking implementation intentions, as well as strategies that help each of us to “carpe diem!” The emphasis is on self-understanding, practical advice and tools for change.

We guarantee that you will find this an engaging series of podcasts that will provide you with tactics to increase personal productivity and well-being.



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