Student Supervisions

Supervision - Ph.D.

Allan Blunt In progress

Supervision - M.A.

Allan Blunt January, 1998.

Thesis title: Task aversiveness and procrastination: A multi-dimensional approach to task aversiveness across stages of personal projects.

Kelly Binder In Progress
Jonathon Lee In Progress
Haleh Zamanpour In Progress

Supervision - Honours Theses (and essays)

September 1998 - April 1999 (all in progress)

Brad Annis Individual differences and group work
Jose Castillo (essay) Racism in IQ testing
Pam Duniz Project Laddering and Procrastination
Chad Edmonds (essay) Motivation in Sports
Jen Greatrix Stress and Procrastination
Kathy Harriott Procrastination on the Internet
Blair Issac Learning Styles and the First-Year Experience
Mitch Mathura (essay) Self-Regulation and Procrastination
Carole Mallows Existential anxiety and Procrastination
Peter Petrie (co-supervised with Dr. Gary Gerber, Brockville)
Dana Seymour Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Procrastination
Tara Wheeldon Social Loafing and Procrastination

September 1997 - April 1998

Karen Birch Boredom and Procrastination
Lisa Burt (essay) Current role performance through the life span: Influence on self-esteem and procrastination
Jason Cassidy Conscientiousness, state orientation and procrastination
Kim Corace Stress and procrastination
Jennifer Holman (essay) The effects of parenting style on procrastination
Steve McKibbin Social presence and CHAT course newsgroups
Rick Morin Procrastination and the planning fallacy
Arron Service Temporal aspects of procrastination
Karin Trounce (essay) Rational emotive therapy and procrastination

September, 1996 - April, 1997

Darlene Clark Volitional action and goal setting
Janice Dahms* Adolescent perceptions of mental health
Katharine Howell** Self-medication ability in hospitalized elderly
Pat McGrath Organizational commitment and procrastination
Brian Salmon Procrastination and the planning fallacy
Andrew Slipchenko (essay) A review of the procrastination self-help literature

*Co-supervision with Dr. Ian Manion, Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario.
**Co-supervision with Dr. Louise Patrick, Geriatric Rehabilitation, SCO Hospital

September, 1995 - April, 1996

Jane Adams Procrastination: An experience sampling approach
Scott Askey (essay) Corporal punishment and violence in the school system
Atlas Chan (essay) Procrastination and personality
Blair Getz (essay) Adolescent Suicide: A critical review of the literature
Rachelle Thibodeau A grounded theory of procrastination
Kathleen Wood A qualitative analysis of the daily hassles experienced by elderly people

September, 1994 - April, 1995

Carrie Aldis (essay) Teaching methods for the developmentally challenged
Allan Blunt Perceptions of date rape, sex roles and gender stereotypes
Lisa Davis Social support: A six factor model
Amanda Pollock Organizational commitment and burnout
Sarah Ramisch Cross-cultural understanding and cultural stereotypes
Marc Spooner Personal projects analysis: The role of project efficacy

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