There are over 500 types of therapies being used today. If you are having trouble deciding which therapy to look at, Ferrari has a recommended procedure and insights. Below is a list of commonly used therapies (in uppercase) and techniques (in lowercase) to treat procrastination. The interventions proceed from insight-oriented styles to behavior modification. Each link describes the techniques and research on the therapy. These interventions are meant to be used by PROFESSIONAL therapists only. Please contact your doctor if you feel you need professional help.
Types of therapy Goal Treats 
PSYCHO DYNAMIC to relive earlier unconscious conflicts  deep childhood conflicts
COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL to change false attitudes and beliefs and behaviour irrational cognition and habits
Visualization and imagery to interact with internal forms in order to identify self statements and behaviors hopeless and critical self statements as well as behavior
Paradoxical to deliberately practice a neurotic habit for the purposes of treatment persistent habits
Confrontive to face your weaknesses resistance to behavior change
Relaxation to help a client learn to relax anxiety only
Behavioral self control and management to become responsible for treating yourself behaviors and habits
MORITA SHENKU to take responsibility for your behavior treats behavior over emotions
PSYCHO PHARMACOLOGY to treat disorders with medication anxiety and more serious disorders
PHYSIOLOGICAL and PHYSICAL ORGANIC DISORDERS  to look for physical causes for disorders generally serious damage to brain
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