SourceEdmonton Journal, 31 March 1971


Publisher Mel Hurting of Edmonton, a founding member of the Committee for an Independent Canada, refused to sign Moncton's guest book Tuesday after Mayor L.C. Jones reportedly commented on the length of the visitor's hair. Mr. Hurting said in an interview he walked out at the guest book signing ceremony after an exchange with the mayor.

He reported the mayor said he didn't believe "anything I might have to say."

"I asked him: "Why?" "He said: 'I don't believe anybody whose ears I can't see'."

Mr. Hurting said that when he suggested the mayor preferred short hair, Mr. Jones replied: "At least it's clean." Mayor Jones said later the incident as outlined by Mr. Hurting was not entirely correct.

"That is not the whole story," he said, but declined further comment.

Mr. Hurting is on a cross-Canada speaking tour.