Illustration of the Mere Exposure Effect

Below are photos of four young people: Martin, Linda, Jory and Ellen. Please try to memorize the name of each person. You will be given three trials and three tests.





Scroll down for a test


 Name? __________

Name? __________

Name? __________



Now scroll down to the bottom.

Which four of these people do you prefer?

 OK. Now let's try a final test. Which of the following people do you like most? Which would you trust most? Which do think would be your friends?





Most people choose Ellen, Martin, Jory and Linda -- after all, they recognize their familiar faces. There is no logical reason why these four people should be any more trusting, likable or friendly than others. But in a small way they are no longer strangers. So, other things being equal, people prefer them. How many times have you gravitated towards people you know even a little at parties where everyone else is a stranger? The mere exposure effect.